Fat Kneel

Fat Kneel is a producer/DJ born and raised in Washington, D.C. area. Using older, weathered equipment, outdated software, the dustiest vinyl your local record store’s $1-crate has to offer, and the largest collection of B-movies this side of Tromaville, he prefers the sounds of lost media and artifacts of another era. A comic book geek since birth and avid fan of all things fantasy and sci-fi, Fat Kneel draws upon a wealth of influences that left an impression upon him growing up as kid during the 80s. He got his start tinkering with a long-since discontinued Roland SP-505 sampler in his bedroom, records from his parents’ collection, and his older brother’s box of VHS movies tucked away in the corner of the attic. A huge fan of Mass Appeals’ Rhythm Roulette web series, Fat Kneel would years later spend countless hours in his basement apartment creating beats from records randomly plucked from his record shelves. The self-proclaimed, “Roger Corman of Hip-hop,” Kneel likes to believe that in some parallel universe, he’s forging bangers for the soundtracks to grindhouse movies.