Big Brother On Acid

Big Brother On Acid AKA - BBOA, Big Brother, Chris E G, Cookie Sky, Bozo's Baby, Racer X, and Alan Smithee is a music producer and composer from Brooklyn, NY. His given name is Mister G. His first musical project was a collaborative project with his brother Greg. The independent cassette tape release named “Jacketh the Whacketh” was reviewed by a few local Jazz musicians and other entities as pure rubbish. After that they new they were on to something. The release has been lost to time but it was influenced by bands such as the Residents before we even listened to them. After spending a few years watching eye's drip out of ceiling fans with lightning bolts shooting across the room Mr. G meet his future band mates at a Bad Brains Show. During a time travel episode on Brighten Beach Brooklyn the name of the new band was dubbed Splungent. The drummer recalled hearing a secret message coming from the speakers at a Butthole Surfer show which contained the word Splungent.. Mr. G un-played bass in Splungent who's sound was largely industrial and anti-music. Splungent had a good run but Mr. G left (was actually told to leave ala Syd Barrett style) after 1.618 years to work on another project named Cookie Sky and the Cereal Killers. Cookie Sky and the Cereal killers was largely a Promethean cosmic joke played on unexpected audiences in the lower east side of Manhattan. After a short run with Cookie Sky and the Cereal Killers Mr. G retired from life but was called out of retirement by the band "Two Minutes Hate". Big Brother made a cameo appearance at Brownies in the Lower east Side of Manhattan. The cameo peeked Mr. G's interest for music but due to apathy and laziness he didn't start producing until years later. Influenced by electronica bands such as Meat Beat Manifesto, Coil, Arron Funk, Tipper, and various Dubstep producers (Bassnectar, Datsik, Downlink to name a few) he adopted the name Big Brother On Acid. The name was coined by a chief surgeon who was at the annual mermaid parade in Coney Island Brooklyn. He stated that the police and surveillance at the parade was like Big Brother On Acid. Big Brother On Acid went on to produce a 3 song EP named Hypnotic Waves which was written the day after Peter Christopherson died and the freely available digital release of The Exorcism of Alan Smithee. During this time Mr. G meet many musicians from the Alrealon label and was influenced by the NYC experimental scene. The self entitled CD Big Brother On Acid was written and produced during 2013. When asked what is your music all about? Big Brother On Acid say's it is all about life, stupidity, and the Antarctica dream. Currently Big Brother On Acid is suffering from temporary memory loss and forgot what he was writing.